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    Canadian Inflation Protected Fixed Income
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BMO Real Return Bond Index ETF
iShares Canadian Real Return Bond Index ETF
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Canadian Inflation Protected Fixed Income

1 Year Change-5.06%

Funds in the Canadian Inflation Protected Fixed Income category must invest at least 90% of their fixed income holdings in inflation protected fixed-income securities denominated in Canadian dollars. In addition, these funds must invest primarily in investment-grade fixed-income securities, such that the average credit quality of the portfolio as a whole is investment grade (BBB or equivalent rating or higher) and not more than 40% of the portfolio’s holdings are invested in high yield fixed income securities. For purposes of the category definition, up to 30% of a Fund’s assets may be held in Foreign Fixed Income products which will be treated as Canadian content provided that the currency exposure on those holdings is hedged into Canadian dollars.


Data as of Tuesday, Apr 30, 2024
This represents the average number of shares traded in this ETF over the last 10 days. Higher volumes relate to higher liquidity, which can affect the attractiveness and price of an ETF. Meaningful news can cause an ETF’s volume on a certain day to be significantly higher or lower than its average volume.
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iShares Canadian Real Return Bond Index ETF
BMO Real Return Bond Index ETF