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Morningstar Commentary

  • 6:42AM ET on Wednesday Apr 20, 2022 by Ian Tam, CFA
    The proliferation of index based sustainable products in Canada has certainly helped to keep sustainable investing costs down for Canadian investors.
  • 6:01AM ET on Tuesday Mar 08, 2022 by Katherine Lynch
    Cathie Wood says ARKK is a “deep value” fund now. But Morningstar’s data shows it's still a growth fund, just with stocks that are struggling.
  • 9:48AM ET on Wednesday Mar 02, 2022 by Ben Johnson, CFA
    A closer look at some of the most heralded and overlooked features of this investment wrapper.
  • 7:53AM ET on Tuesday Mar 01, 2022 by Ian Tam, CFA
    Given that interest rates aren’t expected to rise astronomically, investors are likely still looking for sources of income.
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