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Dorel Industries Inc
As of 2022-05-17

Company Information

Dorel Industries Inc. is a global consumer products company. The Company designs, manufactures, markets and distributes a diverse portfolio of product brands through its Dorel Home and Dorel Juvenile segments. The Dorel Home segment consists of four operating divisions: Ameriwood Home, which designs, manufactures, and imports furniture within the home entertainment, bedroom, and home office categories; Cosco Home & Office offers folding furniture, step stools, hand trucks, specialty ladders and outdoor furniture; DHP Furniture is a manufacturer of futons, mattresses and bedroom furniture, and Dorel Home Europe designs and distributes furniture in the home office and audio-visual categories. The Dorel Juvenile segment manufactures and distributes products such as infant car seats, strollers, highchairs, playpens, developmental toys and infant health and safety aids. The principal geographic markets for the Company’s products are the United States, Europe, Latin America, Canada and Asia.

Contact Information

300-1255 av. GreeneWESTMOUNT, QC, Canada H3Z 2A4


Independent Co-Chairman of Board
Norman Steinberg
Independent Co-Chairman of Board
Maurice Tousson
President, Chief Executive Officer, Director
Martin Schwartz
Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President, Secretary, Director
Jeffrey Schwartz
Executive Vice President - Sales and Marketing, Director
Jeff Segel

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Fundamentals Table
Market Cap
Revenue (TTM)
Shares Outstanding
Dorel Industries Inc does not pay a dividend.
Book Value
P/E Ratio
Price/Sales (TTM)
Price/Cash Flow (TTM)
Operating Margin
*GAAP = prior to non-GAAP analyst adjusted earnings.

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