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10:48 ET1007.66
10:53 ET3307.655
10:57 ET1007.63
11:00 ET5557.535
11:08 ET1107.49
11:20 ET1807.55
11:26 ET2007.6
11:27 ET1007.6207
11:33 ET5007.62
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12:16 ET3217.67
12:20 ET15007.71
12:21 ET15207.775
12:23 ET5337.6833
12:27 ET1007.715
12:30 ET6007.725
12:34 ET1037.67
12:39 ET25567.625
12:43 ET1007.71
12:54 ET2007.605
12:59 ET1007.645
01:03 ET6007.7
01:10 ET2007.65
01:12 ET1207.61
01:14 ET1007.61
01:28 ET4007.605
01:32 ET1007.615
01:35 ET1007.6
01:37 ET1007.61
01:39 ET2007.6399
01:46 ET5247.64
01:48 ET1007.6
01:53 ET1007.595
01:57 ET2057.59
02:09 ET3507.67
02:44 ET1007.535
02:45 ET4327.535
02:49 ET6347.53
02:51 ET30617.5
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United StatesACRV
Acrivon Therapeutics Inc
United StatesXBIT
XBiotech Inc
United StatesATNM
Actinium Pharmaceuticals Inc
United StatesPYXS
Pyxis Oncology Inc
United StatesELYM
Eliem Therapeutics Inc
United StatesCYDY
Cytodyn Inc
As of 2024-05-30

Company Information

Acrivon Therapeutics, Inc. is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing precision oncology medicines. The Company uses its precision medicine platform, Acrivon Predictive Precision Proteomics (AP3), to develop its pipeline of oncology drug candidates. Its lead candidate, ACR-368, is a selective small molecule inhibitor which targets CHK1 and CHK2 at sub single-digit nM and single-digit nM potency in intact cells, respectively, in a potentially registrational Phase 2 trial across multiple solid tumor types. Using its AP3 platform, it has developed a predictive OncoSignature test for ACR-368, called ACR-368 OncoSignature, that can predict patient response to ACR-368 monotherapy and therefore substantially improve the clinical overall response rate (ORR) and has the potential to enable expedited drug development. Its preclinical program, ACR-2316, is advancing in IND-enabling studies. It is a novel, dual WEE1 and PKMYT1 inhibitor small molecule development candidate.

Contact Information

480 Arsenal Way, Suite 100WATERTOWN, MA, United States 02472


Chairman of the Board, President, Chief Executive Officer
Peter Blume-Jensen
Chief Financial Officer
Rasmus Holm-Jorgensen
Chief Operating Officer
Eric Devroe
Executive Vice President - Business Operations, Director
Kristina Masson
Chief Medical Officer
Erick Gamelin

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