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11:14 ET10000.406801
11:16 ET3380.40035
11:25 ET1000.391
11:27 ET4500.40035
11:34 ET1000.391
11:38 ET1010.4
11:39 ET1000.4
12:12 ET43080.396201
12:14 ET1000.391
12:15 ET13000.3988
12:17 ET1000.391
12:26 ET11000.391
12:30 ET1000.391
12:35 ET25280.3911
12:37 ET41000.3909
12:39 ET76150.39
12:42 ET27570.39
12:44 ET1000.39
12:46 ET8000.3901
12:48 ET1000.39
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12:57 ET1000.39
01:00 ET1000.39
01:02 ET22650.39
01:04 ET241490.385
01:06 ET9000.3831
01:13 ET27000.380399
01:15 ET4000.3803
01:18 ET15990.38
01:20 ET48150.3801
01:29 ET13000.3889
01:45 ET77220.386
02:32 ET1000.3801
02:56 ET10000.3858
03:12 ET1000.3829
03:32 ET10000.3802
03:35 ET1000.3829
03:37 ET2000.3829
03:39 ET10350.3829
03:42 ET1000.3801
03:46 ET1340.3802
03:48 ET10000.38015
03:51 ET3170.3801
03:53 ET39000.3802
03:55 ET13030.3804
03:57 ET3130.3802
04:00 ET32530.3813
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United StatesAEMD
Aethlon Medical Inc
United StatesCSOC
Caduceus Software Systems Corp
United StatesHSDT
Helius Medical Technologies Inc
United StatesBRSF
Brain Scientific Inc
United StatesNNMX
Nanomix Corp
United StatesIINN
Inspira Technologies Oxy BHN Ltd
As of 2022-12-07

Company Information

Aethlon Medical, Inc. (Aethlon) is a biotechnology company. The Company is focused on developing products to diagnose and treat life and organ-threatening diseases. It is involved in developing the Hemopurifier, a therapeutic blood filtration system indicated for infectious diseases and cancer. The Company operates through two segments: Aethlon and ESI. The Aethlon segment represents its therapeutic business activities. The ESI segment represents its diagnostic business. In cancer, the Hemopurifier is designed to deplete the presence of circulating tumor-derived exosomes that promote immune suppression, seeding the spread of metastasis. The Company is conducting clinical trials in patients with advanced and metastatic head and neck cancer. It is focused on the treatment of solid tumors that are being treated with checkpoint inhibitors. Hemopurifier have been used to treat individuals infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis C virus (HCV), and Ebola.

Contact Information

11555 Sorrento Valley Road, Suite 203SAN DIEGO, CA, United States 92121


Independent Chairman of the Board
Edward Broenniman
Chief Executive Officer, Director
Charles Fisher
Chief Financial Officer, Senior Vice President - Finance, Secretary
James Frakes
Senior Vice President, Director, Chief Business Officer
Guy Cipriani
Chief Scientific Officer, Chief Medical Officer
Steven Larosa

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