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11:23 ET1000.391804
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11:52 ET1000.3942
11:57 ET435210.39
11:59 ET3000.39005
12:01 ET20000.39
12:06 ET32490.39005
12:08 ET4500.39
12:10 ET45560.39
12:12 ET3000.3854
12:14 ET18000.3853
12:15 ET38340.3854
12:26 ET10000.385601
12:30 ET26000.389899
12:39 ET35000.389
12:42 ET24860.3899
12:44 ET174000.3883
12:46 ET1800.3883
01:04 ET7000.3883
01:06 ET63900.388781
01:08 ET10000.3888
01:09 ET20000.3999
01:11 ET10000.3901
01:13 ET8000.399899
01:22 ET68880.3999
02:03 ET25020.3949
02:05 ET6350.3949
02:12 ET12520.395
02:23 ET14000.394
02:27 ET9370.3999
02:30 ET4000.3999
02:32 ET12680.390201
02:50 ET46310.3902
02:57 ET5000.391201
03:06 ET11330.4
03:28 ET10000.3915
03:30 ET55990.3934
03:32 ET1330.3933
03:37 ET3000.3934
03:39 ET1000.399999
03:42 ET1170.4
03:44 ET1000.3999
03:50 ET53500.399914
03:51 ET61000.3957
03:53 ET1000.3924
03:55 ET90450.3983
03:57 ET1200.404999
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United StatesAIM
AIM ImmunoTech Inc
United StatesNRSN
Neurosense Therapeutics Ltd
United StatesAIKI
Aikido Pharma Inc
United StatesCDIO
Cardio Diagnostics Holdings Inc
United StatesNNVC
NanoViricides Inc
United StatesRUBY
Rubius Therapeutics Inc
As of 2022-11-30

Company Information

AIM ImmunoTech Inc. is an immuno-pharmaceutical company. The Company is focused on the research and development of therapeutics to treat multiple types of cancers, viral diseases and immune-deficiency disorders. The Company’s flagship products are Ampligen (rintatolimod), a drug of large macromolecular ribonucleic acid (RNA) molecules, and Alferon N Injection (Interferon Alfa-N3). Ampligen is approved for commercial sale in the Argentine Republic for the treatment of severe chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and is an experimental drug in the United States undergoing clinical development for the treatment of certain cancers and ME/CFS. Alferon N Injection is the registered trademark for its injectable formulation of natural alpha interferon. Alferon N Injection is a natural-source, multi-species alpha interferon approved for sale in the United States and Argentina for the intralesional treatment of refractory or recurring external genital warts in patients 18 years of age or older.

Contact Information

2117 SW Highway 484OCALA, FL, United States 34473-7949


Independent Chairman of the Board
William Mitchell
President, Chief Executive Officer, Executive Vice Chairman
Thomas Equels
Chief Financial Officer
Robert Dickey
Chief Operating Officer, Executive Director - Governmental Relations, General Counsel, Secretary
Peter Rodino
Chief Scientific and Medical Officer
David Strayer

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