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10:06 ET4480.722
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10:15 ET9000.72
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10:21 ET1000.71
10:24 ET3000.7101
10:30 ET13110.71
10:35 ET1170.71
10:37 ET5980.7101
10:39 ET11100.71
10:44 ET32000.7
10:46 ET4000.7
10:48 ET65400.7
10:53 ET22000.7001
10:57 ET1500.7002
11:02 ET1100.70021
11:08 ET3000.7179
11:09 ET1000.7003
11:11 ET7000.7091
11:42 ET2000.7025
11:44 ET1360.715364
12:09 ET2000.7179
12:45 ET5000.71
12:59 ET4000.7093
01:06 ET13000.71
01:19 ET3010.7001
01:37 ET1000.706367
01:44 ET11000.7001
01:46 ET1000.7002
01:51 ET2000.7002
02:00 ET1000.7002
02:04 ET10000.700301
02:15 ET1000.7006
02:18 ET98940.7001
02:26 ET12500.7
02:27 ET8000.7
02:31 ET20000.6977
02:36 ET1000.6978
02:38 ET12000.6979
02:40 ET1000.697899
02:45 ET2000.698
02:47 ET11030.7219
02:49 ET9000.698
03:07 ET3420.705049
03:09 ET5000.709326
03:14 ET3410.700201
03:20 ET4100.6982
03:21 ET5000.6981
03:27 ET5000.6981
03:38 ET2850.698
03:41 ET2000.6981
03:52 ET111200.698
03:54 ET42000.7013
03:56 ET23070.6975
03:57 ET6000.6973
03:59 ET28000.6928
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United StatesAREB
American Rebel Holdings Inc
United StatesUTRK
Universal Tracking Solutions Inc
United StatesASAV
ASI Aviation Inc
United StatesLLLI
Lamperd Less Lethal Inc
United StatesSAFS
Safer Shot Inc
United StatesBANT
Bantec Inc
As of 2022-08-15

Company Information

American Rebel Holdings, Inc. operates primarily as a designer and marketer of branded safes and personal security and self-defense products. The Company designs and produces branded accessories and apparel, including concealment pockets. It offers an assortment of personal security products, as well as apparel and accessories for men and women under the Company’s American Rebel brand. Its products are designed to store firearms, as well as store its customers’ keepsakes, family heirlooms and treasured memories. It offers a range of concealed carry jackets, vests and coats for men and women. The Company’s apparel collection consists of Cartwright Coats and Vests, Freedom 2.0 Jackets and Vests and American Rebel T-Shirts Collection. Its safe collection consists of six safes in a range of sizes: AR-50, AR-40, AR-30, AR-20, AR-15 and AR-12. The Company is also a manufacturer of gun safes with security and fire protection.

Contact Information

718 Thompson Ln Ste 108-199NASHVILLE, TN, United States 37204-3612


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