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09:41 ET8013.67
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09:50 ET5963.65
09:54 ET4983.66
09:59 ET4013.64
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10:03 ET2003.63
10:12 ET10003.63
10:15 ET2003.62
10:17 ET1213.62
10:19 ET1003.61
10:24 ET4003.6143
10:26 ET10083.63
10:30 ET20003.6118
10:32 ET10633.625
10:35 ET21053.64
10:37 ET9003.65
10:42 ET32813.68
10:44 ET210273.735
10:46 ET13003.73
10:48 ET24913.7258
10:50 ET26003.74
10:51 ET4683.72
10:55 ET1573.71
11:04 ET1003.72
11:06 ET4003.71
11:08 ET41063.73
11:11 ET7593.74
11:13 ET26243.74
11:15 ET275143.741
11:18 ET5003.7492
11:20 ET2003.74
11:22 ET3003.75
11:24 ET2003.75
11:26 ET10563.745
11:27 ET8003.75
11:29 ET5003.75
11:31 ET6003.747
11:33 ET22653.73
11:36 ET15013.69
11:40 ET1003.7
11:42 ET15003.72
11:45 ET2003.725
11:49 ET53003.73
11:51 ET1003.74
11:54 ET70003.75
11:56 ET49663.745
12:00 ET118003.74
12:05 ET32003.74
12:07 ET23663.732
12:23 ET77223.76
12:25 ET66673.775
12:27 ET19003.778
12:30 ET7503.775
12:32 ET5003.7794
12:39 ET30733.7605
12:45 ET1003.77
12:50 ET6003.77
12:56 ET2503.7699
12:59 ET40003.765
01:06 ET16153.76
01:12 ET13613.74
01:15 ET11003.735
01:33 ET13543.72
01:35 ET1003.725
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United StatesASC
Ardmore Shipping Corp
United StatesRNGR
Ranger Energy Services Inc
United StatesUSWS
US Well Services Inc
United StatesGIFI
Gulf Island Fabrication Inc
United StatesCELP
Cypress Environmental Partners LP
United StatesSMHI
SEACOR Marine Holdings Inc
As of 2021-09-24

Company Information

Ardmore Shipping Corporation provides seaborne transportation of petroleum products and chemicals to national oil companies, oil and chemical traders, and chemical companies, with its fleet of mid-size product and chemical tankers. The Company's segment relates to the operations of its vessels. The Company's fleet consists of over 20 double-hulled product and chemical tankers, all of which are in operation. The Company's vessels include Ardmore Seavaliant, Ardmore Seaventure, Ardmore Seavantage, Ardmore Seavanguard, Ardmore Sealion, Ardmore Seafox, Ardmore Seahawk, Ardmore Endeavour, Ardmore Seafarer, Ardmore Seatrader, Ardmore Seamaster and Ardmore Sealeader. The Company has over 30 subsidiaries, the majority of which represent single ship-owning companies for its fleet. Its subsidiaries include Ardmore Shipping (Bermuda) Limited (ASBL), Ardmore Shipping Services (Ireland) Limited (ASSIL), Ardmore Shipping (Asia) Pte. Limited and Ardmore Shipping (Americas) LLC.

Contact Information

69 Pitts Bay RoadHAMILTON, Bermuda HM 08


Independent Chairman of the Board
Curtis McWilliams
President, Chief Executive Officer, Director
Anthony Gurnee
Chief Financial Officer, Senior Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary
Paul Tivnan
Chief Operating Officer, Executive Vice President
Mark Cameron
Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer
Gernot Ruppelt

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