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09:41 ET20022.62
09:52 ET17822.7166
09:59 ET11022.7117
10:08 ET13422.78
10:14 ET60022.51
10:26 ET10022.615
10:32 ET29122.595
10:46 ET10022.685
10:51 ET78222.5674
10:57 ET20022.675
11:11 ET50022.695
11:24 ET192922.768
11:26 ET318022.73
11:40 ET60022.79
11:45 ET90622.8
11:47 ET10022.91
12:16 ET10022.885
12:38 ET20022.76
12:48 ET50022.6901
12:52 ET100422.7864
01:01 ET10022.75
01:06 ET60022.7116
01:08 ET10022.74
01:32 ET15822.7232
01:35 ET60022.66
01:37 ET15822.74
01:39 ET65622.67
01:46 ET32022.5939
01:50 ET12222.631
02:04 ET20022.77
02:08 ET12122.7792
02:15 ET50022.72
02:26 ET60022.67
02:31 ET10022.67
02:33 ET20022.67
02:54 ET10022.715
03:02 ET60022.72
03:07 ET20022.71
03:12 ET10022.72
03:14 ET20022.7781
03:16 ET10022.73
03:32 ET40022.67
03:41 ET38822.68
03:43 ET22622.675
03:45 ET20322.646
03:48 ET10022.65
03:54 ET10022.67
03:56 ET80022.69
03:57 ET163722.7325
03:59 ET433222.68
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United StatesAUDC
AudioCodes Ltd
As of 2022-08-15

Company Information

AudioCodes Ltd is an Israel-based software publisher. The Company provides communications software, end-to-end products and productivity solutions for the digital workplace. Company's solution's enables enterprises and service providers to build and operate all-IP voice networks for delivering unified communications, contact centers, and hosted business services, whether in the cloud or on premises. AudioCodes Ltd categorizes its products and services into three main business lines: Enterprise solution consists products and solutions designed to simplify the implementation of state-of the-art enterprise communications and contact center solutions; Service provider solutions consist high performance, versatile CPE devices deliver on-premises connectivity to cloud UC services and SIP trunks for business customers; Voice.ai category leverage the latest in voice recognition, AI and machine learning technologies to create voice-driven solutions. The Company servers its customer worldwide.

Contact Information

1 Hayarden Street, Airport CityLOD, Israel 70151


Independent Chairman of the Board
Stanley Stern
President, Chief Executive Officer, Director
Shabtai Adlersberg
Chief Financial Officer, Vice President - Finance
Niran Baruch
Chief Operating Officer
Ofer Nimtsovich
Vice President - Operations
Eyal Frishberg

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Fundamentals Table
Market Cap
Revenue (TTM)
Shares Outstanding
Dividend Yield
Annual Dividend Rate
0.3600 USD
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Book Value
P/E Ratio
Price/Sales (TTM)
Price/Cash Flow (TTM)
Operating Margin
*GAAP = prior to non-GAAP analyst adjusted earnings.

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