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United StatesBBLN
Babylon Holdings Ltd
United StatesTRHC
Tabula Rasa HealthCare Inc
United StatesCPSI
Computer Programs and Systems Inc
United StatesLMDX
LumiraDx Ltd
United StatesCUTR
Cutera Inc
United StatesARAY
Accuray Inc
As of 2023-04-01

Company Information

Babylon Holdings Limited is a United Kingdom-based digital healthcare company. The Company is engaged in re-engineering healthcare, shifting the focus from sick care to proactive healthcare. It operates in the United Kingdom and the United States. The Company’s technology and clinical services are supporting a global patient network across over 15 countries and are capable of operating in approximately 16 languages. The Company, through a combination of its value-based care model, Babylon 360 works in primary care through NHS GP. Babylon 360 couples its digital platform with a value-based care (VBC) contract or other risk-based agreement with a health plan, healthcare provider or a government body and can provide managed care for its members across the care continuum. It works with governments, health providers and insurers across the globe, and supports healthcare facilities from local practices to hospitals.

Contact Information

2500 Bee Cave Road Building 1 - Suite 400AUSTIN, TX, United States 78746


Chief Executive Officer, Founder, Executive Director
Ali Parsadoust
Chief Financial Officer
Charlie Steel
Chief Technology Officer
Steve Davis
Chief Partnerships Officer, Executive Director
Mairi Johnson
Chief Business Officer
Paul-henri Ferrand

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