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10:55 ET2382.11
11:08 ET5002.1498
11:18 ET5002.11
11:27 ET2002.14
11:31 ET2002.11
11:38 ET1002.1068
11:51 ET4162.1182
11:56 ET2002.12
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12:12 ET4002.105
12:18 ET55792.08
12:21 ET2502.0942
12:25 ET9102.1
12:27 ET3892.095
12:30 ET17972.05
12:32 ET5152.1
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12:36 ET8712.1
12:41 ET1002.085
12:45 ET9002.085
12:48 ET24762.05
12:57 ET5002.0217
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01:03 ET6002.0653
01:08 ET1002.09
01:10 ET50002.075
01:12 ET4502.08
01:14 ET5502.089
01:24 ET25002.03
01:26 ET1002.03
01:28 ET2002.06
01:44 ET1002.09
01:48 ET12002.06
01:50 ET9002.06
01:57 ET42802.051
02:04 ET4002.03
02:06 ET1002.03
02:09 ET11002.0449
02:22 ET7992.05
02:26 ET17002.062
02:27 ET14002.05
02:40 ET1002.053
02:42 ET1002.08
03:02 ET1002.08
03:09 ET3002.0899
03:14 ET10292.09
03:16 ET5702.09
03:18 ET1492.12
03:20 ET20002.0807
03:39 ET3002.12
03:41 ET2002.11
03:50 ET4002.1072
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United StatesBIAF
bioAffinity Technologies Inc
United StatesCQCQ
MakingORG Inc
United StatesFEMY
Femasys Inc
United StatesNRXS
Neuraxis Inc
United StatesRMSL
REMSleep Holdings Inc
United StatesATPC
Agape ATP Corp
As of 2024-06-14

Company Information

bioAffinity Technologies, Inc. is a biotechnology company focused on commercializing noninvasive tests for the detection of early-stage cancer and lung disease. The Company addresses the need for noninvasive diagnosis of early-stage cancer and diseases of the lung and broad-spectrum cancer treatment. Its segments include Diagnostic Research and Development (R&D) and Laboratory Services. Its Diagnostic R&D segment includes research and development and clinical development on diagnostic tests. Its Laboratory services include all the operations of Village Oaks and PPLS, in addition to sales and marketing of CyPath Lung from bioAffinity. Its first product, CyPath Lung, addresses the need for noninvasive detection of early-stage lung cancer. The CyPath Lung test enables physicians to more confidently identify patients who will likely benefit from timely intervention and more invasive follow-up procedures and those who are likely without lung cancer and should continue routine screening.

Contact Information

22211 West Interstate-10, Suite 1206SAN ANTONIO, TX, United States 78257


Executive Chairman of the Board
Steven Girgenti
President, Chief Executive Officer, Founder, Director
Maria Zannes
Chief Financial Officer, Principal Accounting Officer, Vice President
Michael Dougherty
Executive Vice President, Chief Science and Medical Officer
Vivienne Rebel
Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Secretary
Timothy Zannes

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