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09:55 ET54170.83
09:57 ET7000.8203
10:00 ET6000.82
10:02 ET4000.8203
10:04 ET7000.8206
10:06 ET7000.82
10:08 ET8000.82
10:09 ET3000.82
10:11 ET6000.82
10:13 ET4000.82
10:15 ET12470.820101
10:18 ET6340.82
10:20 ET8000.82
10:22 ET3000.82
10:24 ET9000.82
10:26 ET3310.82
10:27 ET4000.82
10:29 ET4560.811
10:31 ET3000.811
10:33 ET7000.811
10:36 ET3000.8101
10:38 ET4740.8001
10:40 ET4790.8
10:42 ET6000.8008
10:44 ET6000.8001
10:45 ET23000.8
10:47 ET69980.7938
11:00 ET4400.7953
11:02 ET3000.7954
11:14 ET4100.8
12:57 ET1000.7923
02:00 ET59000.84942
02:18 ET7000.801
02:25 ET7800.8011
02:30 ET5000.8011
02:41 ET24770.7991
02:43 ET23000.8001
02:45 ET62000.8044
02:48 ET25000.8001
02:50 ET35000.8041
02:52 ET15000.8001
02:54 ET21900.8001
02:56 ET37800.812575
02:57 ET18000.8001
02:59 ET22000.8002
03:01 ET57440.8003
03:03 ET12000.8004
03:06 ET22000.8004
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United StatesBNR
Burning Rock Biotech Ltd
United StatesCLRD
Clearday Inc
United StatesNVOS
Novo Integrated Sciences Inc
United StatesBGLC
BioNexus Gene Lab Corp
United StatesHLYK
Healthlynked Corp
United StatesFPCG
Avem Health Partners Inc
As of 2024-02-22

Company Information

Burning Rock Biotech Ltd is a holding company mainly engaged in the next generation sequencing (NGS) based cancer therapy selection. The Company operates three segments. Central Laboratory Business segment is engaged in the sales of cancer therapy selection test to individual patients. In-Hospital Business segment is engaged in the sales of reagent kits and the provision of the facilitation services for the sale of laboratory equipment to hospitals. Pharma Research and Development Services segment provide services to companies primarily in relation to the development of targeted therapies and immunotherapies for various types of cancer, and to hospitals for their studies on cancer diagnosis and treatment. Its products include OncoScreen Plus and LungPlasma. Its NGS-based cancer therapy selection tests applicable to a broad range of cancer types, including lung cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer and others. The Company mainly conducts its businesses in the China market.

Contact Information

No. 5 Xingdao Ring Road North , International Bio IslandGUANGZHOU, GNG, China 510005


Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, Founder
Yansheng Han
Chief Financial Officer, Director
Leo Li
Chief Technology Officer, Director
Zhihong Zhang
Feng Deng
Gang Lu

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