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10:08 ET128049
10:10 ET80049.14
10:12 ET110049.13
10:14 ET125049.31
10:15 ET170049.31
10:17 ET240049.17
10:19 ET50049.79
10:21 ET335949.445
10:24 ET106049.09
10:26 ET299348.99
10:28 ET130948.7
10:30 ET10048.74
10:32 ET230049.02
10:33 ET223848.5201
10:35 ET97448.43
10:37 ET52048.84
10:39 ET30048.56
10:42 ET40048.55
10:44 ET80048.8
10:46 ET30048.915
10:48 ET40049.15
10:50 ET75949.08
10:51 ET140049.3972
10:53 ET10049.36
10:55 ET201549.04
10:57 ET80048.91
11:00 ET62549.02
11:02 ET40048.91
11:04 ET20048.88
11:06 ET75048.91
11:08 ET166248.8
11:09 ET103049.0188
11:11 ET41249.01
11:13 ET30049.13
11:15 ET96849.2
11:18 ET110049
11:20 ET65548.99
11:22 ET92048.895
11:24 ET103548.99
11:26 ET90049.0192
11:27 ET86249.15
11:29 ET10049.25
11:31 ET60149.35
11:33 ET10049.35
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Industry Peers Overview Table
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United StatesBRZE
Braze Inc
United StatesYOU
Clear Secure Inc
United StatesNCNO
nCino Inc
United StatesDV
DoubleVerify Holdings Inc
United StatesCWAN
Clearwater Analytics Holdings Inc
United StatesESMT
EngageSmart Inc
As of 2022-08-16

Company Information

Braze, Inc. is a provider of customer engagement platform that enables customer-centric interactions between consumers and brands. Its platform helps brands to listen to their customers, understand them and act on that understanding in a way that is human and personal. Using the Company’s platform, brands ingest and process customer data in real time, orchestrate and optimize contextually relevant, cross-channel marketing campaigns and continuously evolve their customer engagement strategies. Its platform enables interactions with active users via its customers’ applications, Websites and other digital interfaces. Its platform encompasses the functionalities required for modern customer engagement, which include data ingestion, classification, orchestration, personalization, and action. The Company offers software development kits (SDKs) for installation into customers’ applications on platforms such as Android, iPhone Operating System (iOS) and desktop / mobile Web.

Contact Information

330 West 34Th Street Floor 18, New York CityNEW YORK, NY, United States 10001


Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer
William Magnuson
President, Chief Customer Officer
Myles Kleeger
Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer
Jonathan Hyman
Chief Financial Officer
Isabelle Winkles
General Counsel
Susan Wiseman

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