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10:57 ET122000.3051
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11:08 ET2740.308
11:09 ET1000.3051
11:11 ET25000.305
11:24 ET1000.3023
11:27 ET231000.3
11:49 ET58280.3
11:51 ET1000.3022
11:54 ET5000.3
12:07 ET2000.3
12:09 ET20720.2951
12:12 ET1370.299
12:20 ET27000.2951
12:25 ET1000.2981
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12:34 ET80230.2951
12:56 ET212250.2951
12:59 ET451820.3189
01:01 ET12040.303
01:03 ET2000.305
01:06 ET1000.3189
01:12 ET15000.3095
01:17 ET2000.3189
01:19 ET2500.309449
01:26 ET28000.3
01:48 ET32090.305
01:50 ET491000.3
02:00 ET14000.2951
02:02 ET49730.3
02:04 ET21000.3075
02:06 ET3000.3
02:26 ET45000.296
02:27 ET18000.2988
02:29 ET173550.2999
02:31 ET147360.3
02:33 ET329710.3
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03:48 ET1000.2983
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United StatesBTB
Bit Brother Ltd
United StatesCANB
Can B Corp
United StatesVONI
Veroni Brands Corp
United StatesIRS
IRSA Inversiones y Representaciones SA
United StatesBOXS
Boxscore Brands Inc
United StatesKOSK
One Step Vending Corp
As of 2022-06-30

Company Information

Bit Brother Ltd, formerly Urban Tea Inc, is a holding company. The Company is a chemical manufacturer, which is engaged in manufacturing and selling of organic compounds, including para-chlorotoluene (PCT), ortho-chlorotoluene (OCT), PCT/OCT downstream products, unsaturated polyester resin (UPR), maleic acid (MA) and other by-product chemicals, and distributing fine and specialty chemicals to end application markets, including automotive, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, dye and pigments, aerospace, ceramics, coating-printing, clean energy and food additives. The Company's products are PCT/OCT and UPR. The PCT/OCT products together with its downstream products can be used in pharmaceuticals, pesticides, dyes and consumables manufacturing industries. UPR is used as renovation material for bathroom and kitchen; manufacturing materials for trains, cars, aircrafts and vessels, and infrastructure materials, such as anti-collusion pipes and oil and gas pipelines.

Contact Information

16 Kaifa Avenue, DanyangCHANGSHA, HUN, China 410023


Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer
Xianlong Wu
Chief Financial Officer, Director
Diyu Jiang
Chief Operating Officer
Shu Liu
Independent Director
Anatoly Danilitskiy
Independent Director
Yunfei Song

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