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United StatesCDAK
Codiak BioSciences, Inc.
United StatesHARP
Harpoon Therapeutics Inc
United StatesEMMA
Emmaus Life Sciences Inc
United StatesOBSV
Obseva SA
United StatesAGLE
Aeglea Bio Therapeutics Inc
United StatesANGN
Angion Biomedica Corp
As of 2022-12-04

Company Information

Codiak BioSciences, Inc. is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company. The Company is focused on the development of exosome-based therapeutics. The Company has developed its engineering and manufacturing platform, engEx Platform, to develop upon the innate properties of exosomes to design, engineer and manufacture exosome therapeutics. It utilizes the engEx Platform to generate a pipeline of engineered exosomes (engEx) exosomes, focused at treating a range of diseases, including oncology, neuro-oncology, neurology, neuromuscular disease and infectious disease. The Company's product candidates, exoSTING and exoIL-12, are developed to address solid tumors. The Company's program, exoSTING, is an exosome therapeutic candidate engineered with its engEx Platform to carry stimulator of interferon genes (STING) agonist inside the lumen of the exosome while expressing prostaglandin F2 receptor negative regulator (PTGFRN).

Contact Information

35 CambridgePark Drive, Suite 500CAMBRIDGE, MA, United States 02140


Independent Chairman of the Board
Steven Gillis
President, Chief Executive Officer, Director
Douglas Williams
Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer
Linda Bain
Executive Vice President, Chief Legal and Compliance Officer, Corporate Secretary
Yalonda Howze
Senior Vice President - Human Resources
Nicole Barna

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