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01:33 ET10029.13
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01:53 ET20028.91
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02:13 ET40028.915
02:18 ET20028.83
02:27 ET10028.875
02:36 ET10028.97
02:49 ET10029.055
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02:56 ET10029.03
03:02 ET20029.07
03:12 ET10029.065
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Company Information

Docebo Inc. is a provider of cloud-based learning management systems (LMS). The Company is engaged in redefining the way enterprises leverage technology to create and manage content, deliver training, and understand the business impact of their learning experiences. It provides an easy-to-use and configurable learning platform with the end-to-end capabilities and critical functionality needed to train internal and external workforces, partners and customers. It offers a learning suite, which includes Learn LMS, Shape, Content, Learning Impact, Learning Analytics, Connect and Flow. Its Learn LMS is a cloud-based learning platform that allows learning administrators to deliver scalable and flexible personalized learning experiences, from formal training to social learning, to multiple internal, external and blended audiences. Its Flow is a product that allows businesses to directly inject learning into the flow of work, helping organizations to create an always-on learning culture.

Contact Information

366 Adelaide Street West, Suite 701Toronto, ON, Canada M5V 1R9


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