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09:32 ET623211.005
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09:35 ET10011.03
09:37 ET675310.99
09:42 ET110011.08
09:44 ET281011.08
09:46 ET210111.05
09:50 ET10011.02
09:51 ET69010.96
09:53 ET50010.96
09:55 ET111310.98
09:57 ET40010.93
10:00 ET273311
10:02 ET10011.03
10:04 ET10011.03
10:08 ET100011.02
10:09 ET70011.025
10:13 ET10011.025
10:15 ET10011.025
10:18 ET50010.98
10:22 ET80510.98
10:24 ET10010.95
10:26 ET553010.96
10:27 ET40011
10:29 ET20010.985
10:31 ET10010.97
10:33 ET20010.97
10:36 ET475310.95
10:38 ET126910.995
10:40 ET25911.0013
10:42 ET30011.01
10:44 ET114510.9984
10:45 ET30011
10:47 ET150210.97
10:49 ET52910.98
10:54 ET10010.98
10:56 ET1293011.01
10:58 ET30011.02
11:00 ET120811
11:03 ET19711
11:05 ET42911.0011
11:07 ET90010.99
11:09 ET40010.96
11:14 ET40010.97
11:18 ET20010.95
11:20 ET57710.95
11:21 ET90010.97
11:25 ET10010.99
11:30 ET26411.0083
11:36 ET10011.01
11:38 ET10011.02
11:39 ET63511.03
11:45 ET757111
11:48 ET159411.02
11:50 ET689910.98
11:54 ET794311.03
11:56 ET1246611.06
11:59 ET132011.01
12:01 ET20011.04
12:03 ET330810.99
12:06 ET258511.02
12:10 ET20011.02
12:12 ET11011.0237
12:14 ET40011.02
12:17 ET170011.045
12:19 ET81511.045
12:21 ET55811.0301
12:24 ET100011.035
12:26 ET60011.03
12:28 ET10011.0391
12:30 ET11111.0302
12:32 ET10011.03
12:33 ET30011.03
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United StatesDCT
Duck Creek Technologies Inc
United StatesINTA
Intapp Inc
United StatesAI
C3.ai Inc
United StatesATEN
A10 Networks Inc
United StatesPD
PagerDuty Inc
United StatesRDWR
Radware Ltd
As of 2022-11-28

Company Information

Duck Creek Technologies, Inc. is a provider of core systems to the property and casualty (P&C) insurance industry through its cloud offering, Duck Creek OnDemand, which is delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS). The Company’s product portfolio is built on its technology foundation, the Duck Creek Platform. The Company’s Duck Creek Suite includes products that support the P&C insurance process lifecycle, such as Duck Creek Policy, Duck Creek Billing and Duck Creek Claims. Duck Creek Policy is a solution that enables insurers to develop and launch new insurance products and manage all aspects of policy administration, from product definition to quoting, binding, and servicing. Duck Creek Billing is a solution that supports fundamental payment and invoicing capabilities for all insurance lines and bill types. Duck Creek Claims is a solution that supports the entire claims lifecycle from first notice of loss through investigation, payments, negotiations, reporting and closure.

Contact Information

22 Boston Wharf Road, Floor 10BOSTON, MA, United States 02210


Chairman of the Board
Jason Wright
Chief Executive Officer, Director
Michael Jackowski
Chief Financial Officer
Kevin Rhodes
Chief Operating Officer
Eugene Van Biert
Chief People Officer
Courtney Townsend

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