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10:35 ET1117.96
10:39 ET2007.9359
10:42 ET20007.91
10:48 ET10007.94
10:50 ET10007.9323
10:53 ET24007.9301
10:55 ET1907.9488
11:06 ET10007.95
11:20 ET54977.89
11:22 ET15427.8006
11:24 ET20007.89
11:31 ET32607.855
12:03 ET1007.885
12:38 ET9267.885
12:41 ET1007.88
12:45 ET1007.88
12:52 ET8707.84
01:01 ET1007.855
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01:39 ET10007.86
01:42 ET11157.86
01:48 ET2007.85
02:02 ET20007.92
02:04 ET100077.934
02:09 ET4007.98
02:11 ET20007.9571
02:13 ET36247.95
02:18 ET40747.99
02:42 ET10007.97
02:54 ET1007.95
03:02 ET1007.95
03:03 ET28207.95
03:05 ET1007.95
03:07 ET4007.95
03:09 ET12007.95
03:16 ET1007.95
03:25 ET3007.95
03:27 ET47007.95
03:30 ET7007.95
03:34 ET1007.98
03:39 ET3477.9837
03:41 ET1007.99
03:50 ET4007.99
03:52 ET2007.95
03:54 ET2007.95
03:56 ET2007.945
03:57 ET8587.94
03:59 ET7427.96
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United StatesDCTH
Delcath Systems Inc
United StatesBSTG
Biostage Inc
United StatesVANI
Vivani Medical Inc
United StatesLUCD
Lucid Diagnostics Inc
United StatesOSA
Prosomnus Inc
United StatesDMTK
DermTech Inc
As of 2023-05-31

Company Information

Delcath Systems, Inc. is an interventional oncology company. The Company is focused on the treatment of primary and metastatic liver cancers. The Company’s proprietary products, HEPZATO Kit (melphalan hydrochloride for Injection/Hepatic Delivery System) and CHEMOSAT Hepatic Delivery System for Melphalan percutaneous hepatic perfusion (PHP) are designed to administer high-dose chemotherapy to the liver while controlling systemic exposure and associated side effects during a PHP procedure. HEPZATO Kit is comprised of the chemotherapeutic drug melphalan and Delcath’s proprietary Hepatic Delivery System (HDS). In Europe, the device-only configuration of the HDS is regulated as a Class III medical device and is sold under the trade name CHEMOSAT Hepatic Delivery System for Melphalan (CHEMOSAT), where it has been used in the conduct of percutaneous hepatic perfusion procedures at medical centers to treat a range of cancers of the liver.

Contact Information

1633 Broadway Ste 22CNEW YORK, NY, United States 10019-6708


Independent Chairman of the Board
John Sylvester
Chief Executive Officer, Director
Gerard Michel
Chief Operating Officer, Executive Vice President - Global Head of Operations
John Purpura
Senior Vice President - Clinical Development and Medical Affairs
Johnny John
Chief Compliance Officer, General Counsel, Corporate Secretary
David Hoffman

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