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12:16 ET14601.93
12:21 ET2931.94
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12:43 ET9151.93
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12:57 ET2111.94
12:59 ET5221.94
01:06 ET1001.93
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01:30 ET2001.94
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01:42 ET7001.925
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01:55 ET2001.92
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02:56 ET1001.925
02:58 ET29201.94
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03:05 ET2501.9311
03:07 ET2611.94
03:12 ET2001.9361
03:14 ET8711.9499
03:16 ET1001.93
03:23 ET1001.934
03:25 ET10001.9493
03:34 ET2001.94
03:38 ET22701.93
03:39 ET1001.93
03:41 ET3671.9499
03:43 ET1391.9499
03:45 ET8201.94
03:48 ET4101.9494
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United StatesEMWP
Eros Media World PLC
United StatesLVO
LiveOne Inc
United StatesCSSE
Chicken Soup for The Soul Entertainment Inc
United StatesKLOC
Kushner Locke Co
United StatesHQGE
Big M Entertainment Corp
United StatesXELB
Xcel Brands Inc
As of 2022-08-13

Company Information

Eros Media World PLC, formerly Eros STX Global Corporation, is a global Indian entertainment company. The Company is principally focused on leveraging the value of its Content library and two main verticals : Studio and Digital. Its Studio division owns, manages and controls Indian-language film libraries of over 3,000 titles. The Studio division offers its content across streaming, cable and satellite companies. Eros Now focuses on direct-to-customer relationships, helping overall penetration and distribution of Eros Now as a service in Tier two and three regions of India. Eros Now Music benefits from the combined content platforms of Eros’ Studio and Digital Businesses, which supports Eros Now Music by augmenting its existing music library, as well as through new originals, non-film music and independent artists across languages and genres. Eros Now Music consists of artists with skills in genres, such as indie, pop, sufi, electronic dance music, hip hop, and new age, among others.

Contact Information

3900 West Alameda Avenue, 32Nd FloorBURBANK, CA, United States 91505


Executive Chairman of the Board, Group Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director
Kishore Lulla
Executive Vice Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of Eros India
Sunil Lulla
Group Chief Financial Officer, Executive Director, President of North America
Prem Parameswaran
Chief Executive Officer, Eros India
Pradeep Dwivedi
Chief Executive Officer, Eros Now
Ali Hussein

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