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09:43 ET1000.4399
09:52 ET5000.44
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09:57 ET74960.43
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10:15 ET1000.435
10:30 ET27570.44
10:35 ET14070.44
10:39 ET5000.435
10:53 ET23000.4504
11:15 ET1000.448384
11:45 ET82000.435
12:05 ET1000.435
12:09 ET5000.4351
12:12 ET5000.4351
12:14 ET5000.435
12:27 ET9000.44
12:32 ET1130.4498
12:43 ET85580.4389
12:48 ET5000.4333
12:50 ET20000.433401
12:59 ET110000.4388
01:06 ET36000.4333
01:08 ET30000.4333
01:10 ET36000.4333
01:12 ET31590.4355
01:14 ET30000.4333
01:15 ET25050.4315
01:19 ET1000.4315
01:26 ET1000.4315
01:30 ET24950.4315
01:35 ET3200.43
01:39 ET1000.43
01:42 ET1000.43
01:44 ET57990.4239
01:46 ET1000.4239
01:51 ET100000.4353
02:00 ET12000.43
02:08 ET1000.4249
02:22 ET10000.4249
02:24 ET9500.4249
02:29 ET2000.427
02:33 ET30000.4333
02:38 ET1000.427
02:40 ET4590.4349
02:45 ET79000.4349
02:58 ET47500.427
03:02 ET1000.4271
03:07 ET1000.4271
03:23 ET14000.426
03:25 ET30000.4271
03:27 ET31000.427
03:30 ET60000.4273
03:32 ET36000.427
03:36 ET11000.4327
03:41 ET30000.427001
03:43 ET52000.427
03:50 ET4000.4337
03:52 ET20540.426
03:54 ET3730.44
03:56 ET8450.44
03:57 ET30330.435
03:59 ET19010.4322
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United StatesGAU
Galiano Gold Inc
United StatesVRDR
Verde Resources Inc
United StatesRBRI
RBR Global Inc
United StatesGRZ
Gold Reserve Inc
United StatesTHM
International Tower Hill Mines Ltd
United StatesVGZ
Vista Gold Corp
As of 2022-08-07

Company Information

Galiano Gold Inc., formerly Asanko Gold Inc., is a precious metals producer engaged in the operation, development and exploration of mineral properties. The Company’s principal business activity is the operation of the Asanko Gold Mine (AGM) through a joint venture arrangement (the JV). The AGM consists of two neighboring gold projects, the Obotan Project and the Esaase Project, both located in the Amansie West District of the Republic of Ghana (Ghana), West Africa. In addition to its interest in the AGM, the Company holds gold concessions in various stages of exploration. The concessions include a portfolio of Ghanaian properties through its 50% interest in the JV and the 100% owned Asumura property in Ghana, in addition to exploration properties in Mali 100% owned by the Company. Its subsidiaries include Galiano Gold South Africa (PTY) Ltd., Consolidated Galiano International (Isle of Man) Limited, Shika Group Finance Limited and Consolidated Asanko Gold Ghana Limited.

Contact Information

Suite 1640-1066 West Hastings StreetVANCOUVER, BC, Canada V6E 3X1


Independent Chairman of the Board
Paul Wright
President, Chief Executive Officer, Non-Independent Director
Matt Badylak
Executive Vice President, Sustainability
Todd Romaine
Vice President Mining
Alberto Chang
Independent Director
Marcel de Groot

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