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09:32 ET4960.6389
09:36 ET4860.637
09:45 ET1000.635
09:52 ET2000.62
09:54 ET21000.635
09:56 ET3000.61
09:59 ET1000.63
10:17 ET5000.6298
10:19 ET21000.601
10:24 ET1670.6101
10:28 ET10000.629
10:30 ET1000.629
10:32 ET1000.60965
10:33 ET1000.5903
10:35 ET1380.6097
10:51 ET9350.629
10:55 ET11000.6289
10:57 ET2000.6289
11:26 ET2500.6002
11:33 ET44450.6198
11:36 ET1000.6288
11:38 ET2000.6288
11:45 ET1000.61
11:47 ET1250.615001
12:27 ET8520.6
12:43 ET9800.59
12:45 ET11600.59
01:08 ET5000.6
01:24 ET82530.59
01:28 ET10000.589899
01:30 ET100510.582
01:33 ET5000.5845
01:35 ET1000.59
01:39 ET10000.5771
01:42 ET2000.577
01:50 ET2000.5899
01:51 ET27000.5899
01:55 ET1530.579201
02:00 ET5550.589899
02:06 ET8010.58
02:08 ET2180.58
02:15 ET5000.580101
02:20 ET3000.585
02:38 ET1000.59
02:45 ET1000.58
02:54 ET3000.5805
03:00 ET2000.59
03:23 ET1000.59
03:25 ET8210.58
03:27 ET10000.58
03:30 ET1000.585
03:32 ET20000.588449
03:38 ET3000.59
03:39 ET1000.5899
03:43 ET1500.5886
03:45 ET1000.5888
03:48 ET1000.58515
03:50 ET1000.5855
03:52 ET11330.58
03:54 ET11000.578499
03:56 ET24500.578
03:57 ET21000.5884
03:59 ET1000.588
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Industry Peers Overview Table
Company sortableMarket Cap sortableP/E Ratio (TTM) sortableEPS Growth (5yr) sortable
United StatesGROM
Grom Social Enterprises Inc
United StatesIPDN
Professional Diversity Network Inc
United StatesIMCI
Infinite Group Inc
United StatesNDVN
nDivision Inc
United StatesGIGM
Giga Media Ltd
United StatesELCO
Elcom International Inc
As of 2022-05-22

Company Information

Grom Social Enterprises, Inc. is a media, technology and entertainment company. The Company focuses on delivering content to children under the age of 13 years in a safe secure platform that can be monitored by parents or guardians. The Company conducts its business through subsidiaries, including Grom Social, Inc. (Grom Social), TD Holdings Limited (TD Holdings), Grom Educational Services, Inc. (GES), Grom Nutritional Services, Inc. (GNS) and Curiosity Ink Media, LLC (Curiosity). Grom Social is a media, technology and entertainment company for kids focused on producing original content on Grom Socials Website, www.gromsocial.com and mobile application. TD Holdings operates through two subsidiaries: Top Draw Animation Hong Kong Limited and Top Draw Animation, Inc., which are engaged in the production of animated films and television series. Curiosity is a kids and family original content and media company that focuses on building and managing entertainment brands and franchises.

Contact Information

2060 NW Boca Raton Blvd Ste 6BOCA RATON, FL, United States 33431-7414


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