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United StatesHARP
Harpoon Therapeutics Inc
United StatesCDAK
Codiak BioSciences, Inc.
United StatesSQZ
SQZ Biotechnologies Co
United StatesAGLE
Aeglea Bio Therapeutics Inc
United StatesOBSV
Obseva SA
United StatesEMMA
Emmaus Life Sciences Inc
As of 2023-01-31

Company Information

Harpoon Therapeutics, Inc. is a clinical-stage immunotherapy company. The Company is engaged in the developing a T cell engager that harness the power of the body’s immune system to treat patients suffering from cancer and other diseases. It is developing a pipeline of T cell engagers using its TriTACs, focused on the treatment of solid tumors and hematologic malignancies. It has also nominated its clinical candidate using its ProTriTAC platform, a prodrug version of its TriTAC platform, designed to expand the target space for T cell engagers and bring the benefits of TriTACs to the patients. The Company’s TriTAC product candidates include HPN328, HPN217 and HPN536. The Company’s ProTriTAC product candidate include HPN601. T cell engagers are engineered proteins that direct a patient’s own T cells to kill target cells that express specific proteins, or antigens, carried by the target cells.

Contact Information

131 Oyster Point Blvd Ste 300SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CA, United States 94080-1910


Non-Executive Chairman of the Board, Independent Director
Scott Myers
President, Chief Executive Officer, Director
Julie Eastland
Principal Financial Officer, Principal Accounting Officer
Frank Lanza
Senior Vice President - Human Resources
Wendy Chang
Senior Vice President - Translational Medicine
Banmeet Anand

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