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11:22 ET13970.6601
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11:29 ET1540.661
11:33 ET6000.661
11:36 ET100000.6799
11:40 ET43500.6782
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12:12 ET148000.674208
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01:06 ET49890.6799
01:10 ET11760.6773
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01:28 ET5000.6934
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03:21 ET1000.66
03:25 ET3000.66
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03:39 ET1000.66
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03:52 ET1000.67
03:54 ET6000.67
03:59 ET7790.69
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United StatesICLK
iClick Interactive Asia Group Ltd
United StatesHHS
Harte Hanks Inc
United StatesDMS
Digital Media Solutions Inc
United StatesTSQ
Townsquare Media Inc
United StatesNCMI
National Cinemedia Inc
United StatesCDLX
Cardlytics Inc
As of 2022-08-12

Company Information

iClick Interactive Asia Group Ltd is an online marketing technology company. The Company serves as an integrated cross-channel gateway that provides marketers ways to optimize their online marketing cycle. Its integrated data-driven solutions help marketers identify, engage and activate potential customers, monitor and measure the results of marketing campaigns, and create content catering to potential customers across different content distribution channels through both PC and mobile devices. Its solutions are enabled and supported by data set, sophisticated data analytics capabilities and cutting edge technologies. It collects data from a variety of channels, including through its proprietary tracking tools, from marketers, publishers and ad exchanges when managing marketing campaigns, and to a lesser extent, from third-party strategic partners.

Contact Information

15/F, Prosperity Millennia Plaza 663 King's Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong


Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder
Jian Tang
Co-Founder, Director
Wing Hong Hsieh
Chief Financial Officer, Director
David Zhang
Independent Director
Lub Bun Chong
Independent Director
Dylan Huang

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