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11:21 ET13501.65
11:23 ET5491.65
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11:32 ET7881.64
11:36 ET1001.65
11:38 ET2001.645
11:39 ET59561.66
11:41 ET102001.66
11:45 ET15001.6509
11:48 ET1511.6687
11:50 ET2001.668
11:52 ET62001.67
11:56 ET125551.638
11:59 ET8761.64
12:01 ET66711.645
12:03 ET103901.645
12:06 ET57181.635
12:08 ET13341.63
12:12 ET1001.63
12:14 ET1001.63
12:17 ET3001.64
12:19 ET14531.64
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United StatesOPTN
OptiNose Inc
United StatesNKTR
Nektar Therapeutics
United StatesDERM
Journey Medical Corp
United StatesAQST
Aquestive Therapeutics Inc
United StatesRMTI
Rockwell Medical Inc
United StatesIPAH
Interpharm Holdings Inc
As of 2024-02-26

Company Information

OptiNose, Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of products for patients treated by ear, nose and throat (ENT) and allergy specialists. Its first commercial product, XHANCE (fluticasone propionate) nasal spray, 93 microgram, is a therapeutic utilizing its exhalation Delivery System (EDS) that delivers a topically acting corticosteroid for the treatment of chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps. XHANCE combines the EDS with a liquid formulation of fluticasone propionate, a corticosteroid. XHANCE is designed to deliver medication into the high and deep regions of the nasal passages where both nasal polyps and inflamed and swollen membranes can obstruct normal sinus ventilation and drainage. Its powder EDS, which is the EDS used in its ONZETRA Xsail consists of a reusable device body incorporating a flexible mouthpiece to adjust to individual anatomic variations, and a white button piercing assembly to pierce the medication capsule.

Contact Information

1020 Stony Hill Rd Ste 300YARDLEY, PA, United States 19067-5539


Independent Chairman of the Board
R. John Fletcher
Chief Executive Officer, Director
Ramy Mahmoud
Chief Accounting Officer
Anthony Krick
Chief Commercial Officer
Paul Spence
Chief Legal Officer, Corporate Secretary
Michael Marino

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