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09:32 ET54914.04
09:34 ET63514.07
09:52 ET60014.055
09:54 ET60014.055
09:56 ET92814.09
09:57 ET50014.09
10:10 ET131114.09
10:17 ET100014.1082
10:35 ET10014.12
10:37 ET25014.1138
10:42 ET10014.13
10:48 ET20014.145
10:55 ET60014.1392
10:57 ET120014.1301
11:00 ET21714.1379
11:06 ET1127714.1301
11:09 ET928914.0701
11:11 ET50014.12
11:27 ET300014.105
11:33 ET282614.12
11:47 ET150014.15
11:51 ET60014.13
11:58 ET151514.1387
12:03 ET40014.13
12:05 ET975814.1634
12:21 ET140014.14
12:41 ET36814.14
12:57 ET50014.135
01:15 ET860014.1205
01:17 ET20014.12
01:26 ET1571314.07
01:28 ET1580314.04
01:30 ET200014.0201
01:32 ET10014.0633
01:50 ET705013.98
02:06 ET40013.9731
02:08 ET50013.9702
02:22 ET381613.95
02:31 ET10013.975
02:42 ET424113.9797
02:44 ET190313.97
02:49 ET69313.9799
02:51 ET220013.98
02:54 ET538913.96
02:56 ET10013.97
03:00 ET125013.9615
03:02 ET1320514
03:05 ET20013.985
03:07 ET20013.9701
03:09 ET75013.9604
03:18 ET70013.9952
03:20 ET120013.975
03:21 ET130013.96
03:23 ET120014
03:25 ET70013.98
03:30 ET70013.98
03:34 ET40013.981
03:38 ET160013.98
03:41 ET130014
03:52 ET30013.99
03:54 ET20013.99
03:56 ET10013.975
03:57 ET14313.9752
03:59 ET1191713.97
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United StatesPAXS
PIMCO Access Income Fund
United StatesECC
Eagle Point Credit Co LLC
United StatesPFLT
PennantPark Floating Rate Capital Ltd
United StatesCCAP
Crescent Capital BDC Inc
United StatesMEGI
MainStay CBRE Global Infrastructure Megatrends Term Fund
United StatesFAX
abrdn Asia-Pacific Income Fund Inc
As of 2023-09-26

Company Information

PIMCO Access Income Fund (the Fund) is a non-diversified, closed-end management investment company. The Fund seeks current income as a primary objective and capital appreciation as a secondary objective. The Fund seeks to achieve its investment objectives by utilizing a dynamic asset allocation strategy among multiple sectors in the global public and private credit markets, including corporate debt, mortgage-related and other asset-backed instruments, government and sovereign debt, taxable municipal bonds and other fixed-, variable- and floating-rate income-producing securities of United States and foreign issuers, including emerging market issuers and real estate-related investments. The Fund may invest without limitation in investment grade debt securities and below investment grade debt securities, including securities of stressed, distressed or defaulted issuers. The Fund’s investment manager is Pacific Investment Management Company LLC.

Contact Information

1633 BroadwayNEW YORK, NY, United States 10019


Eric Johnson
Senior Vice President
Joshua Ratner
Senior Vice President
Peter Strelow
Chief Compliance Officer
Keisha Audain- Pressley
Vice President, Senior Counsel, Secretary
Wu - Kwan Kit

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Market Cap
Revenue (TTM)
Shares Outstanding
Dividend Yield
Annual Dividend Rate
1.7928 USD
Ex-Dividend Date
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Price/Sales (TTM)
Price/Cash Flow (TTM)
Operating Margin
*GAAP = prior to non-GAAP analyst adjusted earnings.

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