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10:19 ET1003.47
10:32 ET30243.41
10:35 ET2203.38
10:46 ET3003.37
10:53 ET5003.37
10:55 ET8783.3715
11:00 ET5003.37
11:20 ET2003.385
11:26 ET5003.3729
11:29 ET10543.37
11:49 ET1003.385
12:16 ET9963.44
12:41 ET1003.425
12:50 ET30183.51
12:54 ET4553.51
12:56 ET1963.55
12:57 ET72733.46
12:59 ET121793.4
01:01 ET1003.44
01:03 ET1573.4491
01:06 ET17003.42
01:08 ET31003.41
01:10 ET1003.45
01:12 ET9903.38
01:14 ET2003.42
01:44 ET1323.489
01:51 ET30413.4
01:57 ET1003.39
02:00 ET10003.38
02:02 ET1003.38
02:15 ET2713.3985
02:24 ET2003.375
02:26 ET5543.36
02:33 ET9003.34
02:38 ET52603.3301
02:40 ET73003.29
02:44 ET20003.32
02:45 ET3493.2915
02:51 ET4713.33
03:02 ET3003.3299
03:03 ET4453.3015
03:07 ET3343.3363
03:09 ET1003.32
03:12 ET39803.35
03:21 ET1003.35
03:25 ET1003.3499
03:30 ET13003.37
03:32 ET75503.3301
03:34 ET36453.325
03:41 ET24903.3101
03:43 ET39663.31
03:48 ET25003.3217
03:50 ET9003.32
03:54 ET4003.31
03:56 ET18623.32
03:57 ET26693.29
03:59 ET35043.3
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United StatesSKYX
SKYX Platforms Corp
United StatesCPTN
Cepton Inc
United StatesMMAT
Meta Materials Inc
United StatesLIDR
AEye Inc
United StatesNEOV
NeoVolta Inc
United StatesAREC
American Resources Corp
As of 2022-10-06

Company Information

SKYX Platforms Corp., formerly SQL Technologies Corp., offers platform technologies. The Company’s technologies enable light fixtures, ceiling fans and other electrically wired products to be installed safely and plugged-in, into a ceiling’s electrical outlet box within seconds, and without the need to touch hazardous wires. The plug and play technology method is a power-plug device that has a matching receptacle that is connected to the electrical outlet box on the ceiling, enabling a plug and play installation of light fixtures and ceiling fans in just seconds. Its features include control of light fixtures and ceiling fans by the SkyHome App, through WIFI, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and voice control. It allows scheduling, energy savings eco mode, dimming, back-up emergency light, night light, light color changing and others. Its second-generation technology is an all-in-one safe and smart advanced platform that is designed to improve homes and other buildings.

Contact Information

2855 W. Mcnab RoadPOMPANO BEACH, FL, United States 33069


Executive Chairman of the Board
Rani Kohen
Steven Schmidt
Chief Executive Officer
John Campi
Chief Financial Officer, Principal Financial Officer and Principal Accounting Officer
Marc-Andre Boisseau
Chief Operating Officer
Patricia Barron

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