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11:18 ET41000.6104
11:20 ET3500.6149
11:22 ET2000.612
11:24 ET6000.6007
11:26 ET150000.59
11:29 ET59850.5924
11:31 ET51000.6032
11:33 ET6000.609
11:36 ET6000.628
11:38 ET288420.620001
11:40 ET17880.6343
11:42 ET252700.6393
11:44 ET1000.642
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United StatesSMFL
Smart for Life Inc
United StatesARGC
Arion Group Corp
United StatesAIHS
Senmiao Technology Ltd
United StatesBFYW
Better for You Wellness Inc
United StatesCAFI
Nowfinance Inc
United StatesZRVT
Zurvita Holdings Inc
As of 2022-08-16

Company Information

Smart for Life, Inc. is a holding company. The Company is engaged in the development, marketing, manufacturing, acquisition, operation, and sale a range of nutritional and related products for health and wellness. It focuses on developing products as well as acquiring other companies, encompassing brands, manufacturing, and distribution channels. Its subsidiaries include Bonne Sante Natural Manufacturing, Inc. (DSNM); Doctors Scientific Organica, LLC (DSO); GSP Nutrition Inc. (GSP); Nexus Offers, Inc. (Nexus); and Ceautamed Worldwide, LLC (Ceautamed). BSNM is a nutraceutical contract manufacturer, which specializes in a range of products, such as vitamins, dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, sport nutrition, and nutritional supplements. DSO manufactures, sells, and owns the Smart for Life brand of natural health and wellness meal replacement products. GSP offers nutritional supplements for athletes and lifestyle consumers through a range of wellness solutions and delivery methods.

Contact Information

990 Biscayne Blvd., Suite 503, Suite 503MIAMI, FL, United States 33132


Executive Chairman of the Board
Alfonso Cervantes
President, Chief Executive Officer, Director
Darren Minton
Chief Financial Officer
Alan Bergman
Independent Director
Ronald Altbach
Independent Director Nominee
Richard Cohen

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