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United StatesSNCE
Science 37 Holdings Inc
United StatesINUV
Inuvo Inc
United StatesCINT
Ci&T Inc
United StatesSMSI
Smith Micro Software Inc
United StatesALPP
Alpine 4 Holdings Inc
United StatesBSQR
Bsquare Corp
As of 2023-02-06

Company Information

Science 37 Holdings Inc. is a provider of technology-based solutions that enable agile clinical trials and decentralized approaches on behalf of biopharmaceutical sponsors. The Company has developed agile and decentralization methods and the Agile Clinical Trial Operating System (OS), which combines its unified technology platform, which orchestrates workflows, generates evidence and harmonizes data seamlessly, with its expansive centralized networks of patient communities, telemedicine investigators, mobile nursing, community providers, remote coordinators and data and devices. The Company's offerings include the Agile Clinical Trial, Decentralized Clinical Trials, Metasite, Technology Platform, Study Configurations and Diversity & Inclusion. Its open application programming interface (API) allows for the structured exchange of data in nearly real-time, including electronic data capture (EDC) and electronic health record (EHR) integrations.

Contact Information

600 Corporate Pointe, Suite 320CULVER CITY, CA, United States 90230


Independent Chairman of the Board
Robert Faulkner
Chief Executive Officer, Director
David Coman
Chief Financial Officer
Mike Zaranek
Chief Medical Officer
Jonathan Cotliar
Chief Delivery Officer
Darcy Forman

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