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United StatesCYRB
Cyber App cCorp
United StatesKPEA
Kun Peng International Ltd
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As of 2023-12-01

Company Information

SIMPPLE LTD. is an advanced technology solution provider in the emerging property-technology (PropTech) space. The Company helps facility owners and managers manage their facilities autonomously. It has developed a proprietary ecosystem solution that automates workflow and the workforce in areas, such as building maintenance, security surveillance and janitorial services. The products and services under the SIMPPLE Ecosystem include SIMPPLE Software, SIMPPLE PLUS and SIMPPLE.AI. SIMPPLE Software is a software platform comprising modules related to quality management, workflow management and people management. SIMPPLE PLUS is a robotic solution in cleaning and security domains, as well as Internet of things (IoT) devices and peripherals. SIMPPLE.AI is a facility management autonomic intelligence engine that automates workflow processes in a built environment setting. In addition, it offers professional services, such as set-up and installation and systems consultation, to its clients.

Contact Information

71 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #03-07, Singapore 139951


Executive Chairman of the Board
Soon Sze Lee
Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director
Jiexiang Chong
Chief Financial Officer
Sok Fung Chan
Independent Director
Yeow Tong Chua
Independent Director
Norman Schroeder

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