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United StatesSTAL
Star Alliance International Corp
United StatesWOLV
Wolverine Resources Corp
United StatesLSMG
Lode-Star Mining Inc
United StatesRMCO
Royalty Management Holding Corp
United StatesIMII
Inception Mining Inc
United StatesGRMC
Goldrich Mining Co
As of 2023-12-10

Company Information

Star Alliance International Corp. is a mining and technology company and a global holding company with assets in the United States, and overseas. The Company's assets include gold mines in California and Honduras, with gold and lithium mines in Nigeria. Its mining technology Genesis for the extraction of gold, designed and built in Guatemala. Barotex is the name for its fibers manufactured from volcanic rock. The Company has also expanded its focus to include rare earth elements and lithium. Its Troy Mine includes about 78 gold mining claims located east/southeast of El Portal, California, in Mariposa County. Its gold mining project, Rio Jalan Project is located in Olancho state in the highlands of Central Honduras. In addition, the Company is targeting the acquisition, exploration and development of mining properties containing rare earth elements.

Contact Information

2300 West Sahara, #800LAS VEGAS, NV, United States 89102


Co-Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer
Richard Carey
Chief Executive Officer, Director
Weverson Correia
Chief Financial Officer, Company Secretary, Director
Anthony Anish
Vice President - Finance, Director
Franz Allmayer
Vice President, Director
Fernando Godina

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