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10:24 ET21114.26
10:27 ET70014.25
10:29 ET83314.27
10:31 ET80014.265
10:33 ET220014.26
10:36 ET10014.25
10:38 ET141014.26
10:40 ET19214.2629
10:44 ET49014.25
10:45 ET51314.245
10:49 ET35014.265
10:51 ET90014.26
10:56 ET21614.26
10:58 ET80014.25
11:00 ET10014.25
11:02 ET50014.2458
11:03 ET60014.24
11:05 ET10014.235
11:09 ET87014.225
11:12 ET60014.2299
11:14 ET32314.235
11:16 ET56414.235
11:18 ET19414.24
11:20 ET26514.2495
11:21 ET66614.25
11:23 ET10014.255
11:25 ET30614.255
11:27 ET40714.25
11:34 ET20714.235
11:36 ET57414.2199
11:38 ET40014.21
11:39 ET51914.23
11:41 ET312414.22
11:43 ET20014.22
11:45 ET45814.225
11:48 ET30014.22
11:50 ET10014.22
11:52 ET12214.23
11:56 ET60014.24
11:59 ET59614.2401
12:01 ET14514.24
12:03 ET123714.24
12:06 ET10014.24
12:08 ET140914.24
12:14 ET66214.24
12:15 ET80014.24
12:19 ET220014.245
12:21 ET130014.2499
12:24 ET50714.255
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Industry Peers Overview Table
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United StatesUMH
UMH Properties Inc
United StatesPLYM
Plymouth Industrial REIT Inc
United StatesAIV
Apartment Investment and Management Co
United StatesSTSFF
Smartstop Self Storage Reit Inc
United StatesALX
Alexander's Inc
United StatesELME
Elme Communities
As of 2024-02-26

Company Information

UMH Properties, Inc. (UMH) is a real estate investment trust (REIT). The Company's primary business is the ownership and operation of manufactured home communities, including leasing manufactured home spaces on an annual or month-to-month basis to residents. The Company also leases manufactured homes to residents and, through its REIT subsidiary, UMH Sales and Finance, Inc. (S&F), sells and finances the sale of manufactured homes to residents and prospective residents of its communities and for placement on customers’ privately-owned land. The Company owns around 134 manufactured home communities consisting of approximately 25,600 developed homesites. The communities are located in New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Alabama and South Carolina. In connection with the operation of its communities, UMH also leases homes to prospective tenants. The Company sells and finances the sale of manufactured homes in its communities through S&F.

Contact Information

Juniper Business Plaza 3499 Route 9 N, Suite 3-CFREEHOLD, NJ, United States 07728


Chairman of the Board, Founder
Eugene Landy
President, Chief Executive Officer, Director
Samuel Landy
Chief Financial Officer, Chief Accounting Officer, Vice President, Treasurer, Director
Anna Chew
Chief Operating Officer, Executive Vice President
Brett Taft
Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Secretary
Craig Koster

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Fundamentals Table
Market Cap
Revenue (TTM)
Shares Outstanding
Dividend Yield
Annual Dividend Rate
0.8200 USD
Ex-Dividend Date
Pay Date
Book Value
P/E Ratio
Price/Sales (TTM)
Price/Cash Flow (TTM)
Operating Margin
*GAAP = prior to non-GAAP analyst adjusted earnings.

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