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10:12 ET7510.4038
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10:17 ET81280.4006
10:24 ET5000.3951
10:26 ET1000.3951
10:28 ET49000.3952
10:42 ET29000.4
10:46 ET52970.3951
10:50 ET41600.3971
10:53 ET18580.395
11:04 ET219310.396
11:06 ET41080.396
11:08 ET171000.396
11:09 ET23000.3953
11:11 ET10000.3902
11:13 ET9000.3932
11:18 ET1310.3905
11:20 ET22790.397
11:29 ET2390.4005
11:33 ET1000.3967
12:00 ET1000.3968
12:23 ET1000.398649
12:39 ET2060.4
12:50 ET21120.400251
12:52 ET100000.3968
12:56 ET6690.3968
01:26 ET8000.3969
01:33 ET9100.3987
01:39 ET33050.3968
01:44 ET3930.3983
01:50 ET1500.3968
01:51 ET1250.4005
02:02 ET30000.398651
02:06 ET2500.4005
02:15 ET1100.3986
02:22 ET39620.4005
02:33 ET11750.396901
02:42 ET3000.3968
02:44 ET26000.405
02:56 ET5390.40145
03:07 ET10000.405
03:32 ET1000.3975
03:48 ET2000.396801
03:50 ET1250.3968
03:57 ET46980.3968
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United StatesVLON
Vallon Pharmaceuticals Inc
United StatesATXI
Avenue Therapeutics Inc
United StatesQRON
Qrons Inc
United StatesGSTC
GlobeStar Therapeutics Corp
United StatesNBSE
NeuBase Therapeutics Inc
United StatesCAPS
Capstone Holding Corp
As of 2023-03-27

Company Information

Vallon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company. The Company is focused on the development and commercialization of novel abuse-deterrent medications for central nervous system (CNS) disorders. Its technology is designed to resist manipulation for snorting and provide barriers to injection. The Company’s lead investigational product candidate, Abuse-Deterrent Amphetamine Immediate-Release (ADAIR), an abuse-deterrent formulation of immediate release (IR) dextroamphetamine in development for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. ADAIR is designed to deter attempts to crush and snort and provides barriers to injection. In addition to ADAIR, the Company’s second product candidate, ADMIR, an abuse deterrent formulation of methylphenidate (Ritalin), for the treatment of ADHD.

Contact Information

Two Logan Square 100 N. 18Th Street, Suite 300PHILADELPHIA, PA, United States 19103


President, Chief Executive Officer, Director
David Baker
Chief Financial Officer
Leanne Kelly
Chief Medical Officer
Timothy Whitake
Independent Director
Richard Ammer
Independent Director
Meenu Chhabra Karson

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