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United StatesVNRX
VolitionRX Ltd
United StatesTLSA
Tiziana Life Sciences Ltd
United StatesKNW
Know Labs Inc
United StatesAPGN
Apexigen Inc
United StatesDARE
Dare Bioscience Inc
United StatesIFRX
InflaRx NV
As of 2022-09-25

Company Information

VolitionRx Limited is a multi-national epigenetics company that applies its Nucleosomics platform through its subsidiaries to develop blood tests to help diagnose and monitor a range of diseases, including certain cancers and diseases associated with NETosis, such as sepsis and COVID-19. The Company’s tests are based on the science of Nucleosomics, which is the practice of identifying and measuring nucleosomes in the bloodstream or other bodily fluids. Its Nucleosomics technology uses chromosomal structures called nucleosomes as biomarkers in cancer and other diseases. Its key pillars include Nu.Q , Nu.Q NETs, Nu.Q Capture, Nu.Q Discover and Nu.Q Vet. Its Nu.Q family of tests acts as an early warning system by monitoring treatment response, disease progression and remission. Its Nu.Q tests use epigenetic information from tumor cells nucleosomes that helps physicians select the treatment for each patient, monitor their response and disease progression.

Contact Information

1489 West Warm Springs Road, Suite 110HENDERSON, NV, United States 89014


Executive Chairman of the Board
Martin Faulkes
President, Chief Executive Officer, Director
Cameron Reynolds
Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer
Terig Hughes
Chief Executive Officer of Volition Vet
Salvatore Butera
Chief Executive Officer of Singapore Volition
Jasmine Kway

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