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United StatesYTRA
Yatra Online Inc
United StatesREBL
Rebel Group Inc
United StatesGTVI
Joway Health Industries Group Inc
United StatesWESC
W&E Source Corp
United StatesZDEC
Zenovia Digital Exchange Corp
United StatesEFLS
Exercise for Life Systems Inc
As of 2022-05-22

Company Information

Yatra Online, Inc. is an online travel company. The Company provides travel services to corporate and consumers. It allows leisure and business travelers to explore, research, compare prices and book a range of services catering to their travel needs through its Website and mobile applications, and other associated platforms. It operates through three segments: Air Ticketing, Hotels and Packages, and Other Services. Its services include domestic and international air ticketing on Indian and international airlines, as well as bus ticketing, rail ticketing, cab bookings and ancillary services within India. The Company also provide access through its platform to hotels, homestays, and other accommodations. Its applications include Yatra, Yatra Mini, Yatra Web Check-In, Yatra Corporate, Travelguru HomeStay and Yatra Hoteliers DESTranet. Its other services consist of rail tickets, bus tickets, taxi rentals, travel insurance, visa processing, and tickets for activities and attractions.

Contact Information

1101-3, Tower B, 11Th Floor, Unitech Cyber Park-Sector 39GURGAON, India 122008


Non-Executive Independent Chairman of the Board
Murlidhara Kadaba
Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder, Director
Dhruv Shringi
Co-Founder, Chief Information and Technology Officer
Manish Amin
Principal Financial Officer, Principal Accounting Officer
Anuj Sethi
Non-Executive Independent Director
Sean Aggarwal

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