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United StatesZEPP
Zepp Health Corp
United StatesAIRG
Airgain Inc
United StatesOCC
Optical Cable Corp
United StatesSONM
Sonim Technologies Inc
United StatesAEY
ADDvantage Technologies Group Inc
United StatesXCOMQ
Xtera Communications Inc
As of 2023-12-07

Company Information

Zepp Health Corp, formerly Huami Corp, is a company committed to connect health with technology. It has developed a platform of proprietary technology including artificial intelligence (AI) chips, biometric sensors, and health data algorithms. It is engaged in developing smart wearable technology. It designs and develops biometric and activity data-driven fitness and smart watches. It markets its products under the brand name, Amazfit and is the sole partner for Xiaomi wearable products. The products includes Amazfit BIP, Amazfit pace, Amazfit equator, Amazfit ARC, and accessories, such as sports bands, watch straps, ear buds, charging units, and core trackers. The smart watches provides activity tracking, sleep tracking, smart notifications from mobile devices, GPS, heart rate sensing, water resistance, wireless syncing with mobile phones. It also provides a mobile application to keep track of the fitness information, set alarms and receive call notifications on the smart watch.

Contact Information

Building B2, Zhong'an Chuanggu Technology Park, No.900 Wangjiang WestRdHEFEI, ANH, China 230088


Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer
Wang Huang
Chief Financial Officer
Leon Cheng Deng
Chief Operating Officer
Yan Yeung
Chief Technology Officer
Meihui Fan
Vice President - Corporate Strategy, General Manager of Beijing Operations
Hui Wang

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