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10:15 ET33150.2075
10:17 ET367360.2066
10:19 ET268000.2066
10:21 ET269400.207801
10:24 ET210500.2075
10:26 ET452180.207031
10:28 ET207200.2071
10:30 ET15500.2071
10:32 ET37640.2071
10:33 ET1154680.20605
10:35 ET467790.2061
10:37 ET501110.2061
10:39 ET1149930.2063
10:42 ET1569580.2065
10:44 ET269670.2066
10:46 ET1155000.2069
10:48 ET108000.2071
10:50 ET236390.2073
10:51 ET7940.207199
10:53 ET1078050.2073
10:55 ET8500.2087
10:57 ET176510.2082
11:00 ET647320.207
11:02 ET37870.207799
11:04 ET14600.2071
11:06 ET2480230.2071
11:08 ET182360.2069
11:09 ET498380.206
11:11 ET709830.206
11:13 ET178400.206
11:15 ET251360.2065
11:18 ET553560.2051
11:20 ET671360.2055
11:22 ET1547240.2051
11:24 ET212970.2052
11:26 ET143080.2051
11:27 ET178870.205
11:29 ET358320.204
11:31 ET509720.2026
11:33 ET62170.2029
11:36 ET302160.2046
11:38 ET138000.2046
11:40 ET45220.2039
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United StatesZOM
Zomedica Corp
United StatesLCTX
Lineage Cell Therapeutics Inc
United StatesACIU
AC Immune SA
United StatesFENC
Fennec Pharmaceuticals Inc
United StatesVKTX
Viking Therapeutics Inc
United StatesKRON
Kronos Bio Inc
As of 2022-10-05

Company Information

Zomedica Corp. is a veterinary health company creating products for companion animals by focusing on the unmet needs of clinical veterinarians. The Company is developing point-of-care diagnostic platform, which is based on miniaturized laser-based Raman spectroscopy technology and is designed to detect pathogens in companion animals. Its product portfolio includes diagnostics and therapeutic medical devices that emphasize patient health. It offers TRUFORMA is a diagnostic biosensor platform and the first five assays for the detection of thyroid disorders in dogs and cats and adrenal disorders in dogs. The TRUFORMA platform uses bulk acoustic wave (BAW) technology to provide a non-optical and fluorescence free detection system for use at the point-of-care. The TRUFORMA also offers complete control over the testing process and allow veterinarians to make clinical decisions. PulseVet platform provides treatment for musculoskeletal issues in horses and small animals.

Contact Information

100 Phoenix Drive, Suite 125ANN ARBOR, MI, United States 48108


Independent Chairman of the Board
Jeffrey Rowe
Chief Executive Officer
Larry Heaton
Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Secretary
Ann Cotter
Chief Operating Officer
Anthony Blair
Vice President, General Manager, Chief Executive Officer of Pulse Veterinary Technologies, LLC
Adrian Lock

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