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Morningstar Commentary

8:29AM ET on Thursday Oct 21, 2021 by Michael Ryval
Managers find few companies have yet to turn economic progress into shareholder value.

5:08AM ET on Thursday Sep 30, 2021 by Diana Cawfield
Mawer New Canada’s Jeff Mo considers current market valuations elevated compared to historical averages, with some exceptions.

5:50AM ET on Thursday Sep 16, 2021 by Jade Hemeon
Companies Mentioned: DGEAF
RBC European Equity’s Dominic Wallington focuses on global ‘number ones’ with a long history of success.

5:27AM ET on Thursday Sep 02, 2021 by Diana Cawfield
Companies Mentioned: ZM
TD Science and Tech’s Alan Tu thinks he can continue to generate double-digit returns.

5:38AM ET on Thursday Aug 19, 2021 by Jade Hemeon
Companies Mentioned: BAH
CI Black Creek Global Leaders’ Heather Pierce avoids big tech, but seeks opportunities elsewhere.

5:46AM ET on Thursday Aug 12, 2021 by Michael Ryval
Companies Mentioned: FID625
Fidelity’s Maxime Lemieux acknowledges the market has had a significant bounce but there is still room to run.

7:02AM ET on Thursday Aug 05, 2021 by Diana Cawfield
The five-star, gold-rated Pembroke Canadian mandate invests in small caps, which is its strong suit.

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