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09:32 ET2217737.78
09:34 ET210037.89
09:36 ET90037.7
09:38 ET351937.62
09:39 ET290037.725
09:41 ET562037.72
09:43 ET271837.385
09:45 ET100037.39
09:48 ET302237.34
09:50 ET146437.12
09:52 ET240037.26
09:54 ET276437.38
09:56 ET297837.29
09:57 ET217737.3
09:59 ET210837.315
10:01 ET220037.34
10:03 ET365037.34
10:06 ET75037.3425
10:08 ET129137.4
10:10 ET63537.39
10:12 ET359537.28
10:14 ET242537.26
10:15 ET80037.22
10:17 ET180037.13
10:19 ET121937.11
10:21 ET343837.23
10:24 ET230837.33
10:26 ET97037.25
10:28 ET132037.095
10:30 ET123637.14
10:32 ET302337.17
10:33 ET80237.1
10:35 ET431837.02
10:37 ET20037.05
10:39 ET160037.005
10:42 ET459336.94
10:44 ET164736.855
10:46 ET779836.78
10:48 ET228536.78
10:50 ET337736.805
10:51 ET200236.72
10:53 ET404836.77
10:55 ET87236.71
10:57 ET506336.83
11:00 ET195036.75
11:02 ET290036.825
11:04 ET360036.7
11:06 ET30036.665
11:08 ET117836.6567
11:09 ET316936.59
11:11 ET457836.65
11:13 ET189936.52
11:15 ET155836.525
11:18 ET300036.595
11:20 ET98636.59
11:22 ET50036.56
11:24 ET60536.56
11:26 ET110036.6
11:27 ET140036.485
11:29 ET115436.44
11:31 ET295336.46
11:33 ET120036.38
11:36 ET170136.34
11:38 ET350036.36
11:40 ET245036.455
11:42 ET86036.45
11:44 ET79936.41
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Industry Peers Overview Table
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United StatesBRZE
Braze Inc
United StatesNCNO
nCino Inc
United StatesINST
Instructure Holdings Inc
United StatesVRNS
Varonis Systems Inc
United StatesNABL
N-Able Inc
United StatesFROG
Jfrog Ltd
As of 2024-06-13

Company Information

Braze, Inc. provides a customer engagement platform that enables brands to be engaging. The Company’s platform allows any marketer to collect and take action on any amount of data from any source, so they can engage with customers in real time, across channels from one platform. From cross-channel messaging and journey orchestration to artificial intelligence (Al)-powered experimentation and optimization, its platform enables companies to build and maintain engaging relationships with their customers. Its platform produces data that informs decisions and actions across customer engagement strategies. Its platform is also designed to serve the needs of customers across sizes, stages of growth, industries, and geographies. It supports interactions across both in-product and out-of-product messaging channels. Braze Cloud Data Ingestion allows its customers to set up a direct connection between their data warehouses or platforms and Braze to automatically sync relevant data.

Contact Information

63 Madison Building 28 E. 28Th St., Floor 12 MailroomNEW YORK, NY, United States 10016


Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer
William Magnuson
President, Chief Commercial Officer
Myles Kleeger
Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer
Jonathan Hyman
Chief Financial Officer
Isabelle Winkles
General Counsel, Secretary
Susan Wiseman

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Price/Cash Flow (TTM)
Operating Margin
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