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Industry Peers Overview Table
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United StatesEVTL
Vertical Aerospace Ltd
United StatesARBE
Arbe Robotics Ltd
United StatesEH
EHang Holdings Ltd
United StatesTSPH
TuSimple Holdings Inc
United StatesBYRN
Byrna Technologies Inc
United StatesISSC
Innovative Solutions and Support Inc
As of 2024-05-28

Company Information

Vertical Aerospace Ltd. is a United Kingdom-based global aerospace and manufacturing company, which is engaged in the electric aviation. The Company is focused on designing, manufacturing, and selling a zero-operating emission eVTOL aircraft for use in the advanced air mobility (AAM) market. It is developing, and is progressing towards the certification of, its flagship eVTOL, the VX4, which has undergone the first stages of its flight test campaign. It is targeting the VX4 to be capable of transporting a pilot and up to four passengers, traveling distances of up to 100 miles, and achieving cruise speeds of approximately 150 miles per hour. It aims to sell globally certified eVTOL aircraft to a variety of customers, including commercial airlines, aircraft leasing companies, business aviation, existing helicopter operators as well as new operators in the AAM market, providing both original equipment manufacturers (OEM) sales and aftermarket services to its customers.

Contact Information

Unit 1 Camwal Court, Chapel StreetLONDON, United Kingdom BS2 0UW


Chairman of the Board
Domhnal Slattery
President, Director
Michael Cervenka
Chief Executive Officer
Stuart Simpson
Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Director
Harry Holt
Stephen Fitzpatrick

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